The Healthy Community Fund is a dedicated property tax providing critical financial support to 70 essential county and non-profit organizations that offer vital health, human service and community resources to residents, workers and visitors of Pitkin County. The current Healthy Community Fund tax will sunset in December 2018, and the Board of County Commissioners has placed a request to increase and extend the tax on the November 6, 2018 ballot. 

The Healthy Community fund is managed within the Pitkin County Human Services Department.  Non-profit organizations dedicated to working together to strengthen the quality of life in Pitkin County are eligible to apply for funding through the Healthy Community Fund. Agencies apply each August for the next year’s funding cycle, and the board-appointed Citizen Grant Review Committee recommends grant amounts following a rigorous review. 

The services provided with Health Community Fund dollars are essential to achieving the values important to our community, adding vibrancy and texture to our quality of life. Supporting our children and seniors, promoting health and ensuring access to integrated physical and mental health services, and protecting our natural resources are just a few of the critical types of programs supported by the fund. Healthy Community Fund dollars are also leveraged by the agencies funded to bring in millions from state and local funders. More.....


Each year the tax-based Pitkin County Healthy Community Fund distributes funding, now over $2 million each year, to over 70 local health and human services and community non-profit programs.


Pitkin County citizens and employees from all walks of life support the renewal of the

Healthy Community Fund.


100% of your donation supports campaign efforts to pass the 1A ballot initiative to renew the Healthy Community Fund. Your name will be listed as a supporter in ads and campaign materials or you may donate anonymously.

Checks may be made out to Helping From the Heart and mailed to:

Helping From the Heart
PO Box 4968
Aspen, CO 81612